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Weekly Historical Car

Maserati 8C

The Maserati 8C was a Grand Prix race car for Maserati between 1932 and 1933. The 8C was being designed by Alfieri Maserati in the early 1930s; however, he died before its completion.[1] Development of the engine continued and the car was constructed for racing in 1932. The car won the 1933 French Grand Prix and Sir Henry Birkin achieved third place driving it in the Tripoli Grand Prix. However, it was not very successful in other races.[1] The car featured some of the world's earliest hydraulic brakes.[2]


In 2000 an original Maserati 8C 2300 sold at an auction for US.65 million and a 1932 Maserati 8C 3000 for .08 million.[3]




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